This day was supposed to arrive and now it has finally come: the Anthropogenic mass is currently surpassing the global Biomass present on our Earth.

Istat, the Italian National Statistical Institute, collects data about population and families, companies and institutions, education, economy and environment every year.
Considering the digital transformation of italian companies, significant changes have occurred, especially during the last two years.

According to the last Istat report, during 2020 the digitalization of Italian companies seems to be increased, albeit slowly and not uniformly.
For example, an important fact highlighted is that 82% of companies with at least 10 employees don’t adopt more than 6 technologies (the half of total technologies considered by the European indicator of digitalization). …

What’s happened this year?

2020 was a busy year.
Much of what happened this year has turned our lives upside down and continues to do so.

It is quite hard to sum up the most important events of 2020, but we tried to choose the most remarkable ones, dividing them into different topics: environment, politics, health and society.


During this summer, California, Oregon and Washington have witnessed serious fires that compromised the lives of many citizens, the environment and the air pollution.

Summer wildfires burned millions of acres, killing people and forcing them to leave their homes.

Scientists explain that these wildfires are the…

Q: Let’s start from the beginning. What’s Visualeyed? What are its main features?

A: Visualeyed is a blog run by The Visual Agency and Dalk. It’s a hybrid creature that wants to raise both users and editors’ awareness about accessing information through immersive, multimedia and digital first experiences. The specific set of content, which includes both articles written by Dalk editorial staff and selected from the best newspapers across the world, is its peculiarity.

Q: Why did you choose to create this project? Where did you come up with this idea?

A: Journalism has always been my passion. Visualeyed was…

American elections are well underway and the whole world can perceive the political tensions. In particular, the issue about voting by mail has been debated for several months from different points of view.

Generally speaking, the american voting system is extremely complex and differs significantly from one state to another because every state has its own electoral laws and rules. According to The New York Times, there are several aspects to analyze if we want to thoroughly know how Americans have chosen their future president.

The main problem is time. There are different deadlines for voting by mail in each…

Q: Let’s start with a very general question: tell us about your career path and how it’s begun.

A: By chance. Or maybe not. Before graduating in Agricultural Economics, I got passionate about computers and writing. They were the very early days of the personal computer revolution, and I understood since the very beginning learning how to code was an essential part of my skills and who I wanted to be. Same for writing. Despite being a terrible writer at high school, I found a constant source of inspiration in technology, which ultimately led me to publish 16 books for…

A column by Paolo Ciuccarelli

Being (far) away when something serious happens in your home country is a strange condition. Sara Colombo and I were both in Boston when the COVID19 epidemics started to spread and hit badly in Italy. After a first moment of dismay, the optimism of the designer took over and we decided to take action against the pandemic. Sara is a research scientist at the Center for Design I founded and currently direct at Northeastern University in Boston, and we asked ourselves a simple question: “what can we do as designers right now?”. That’s how the…

The Data Nutrition fact sheet

A column by Paolo Ciuccarelli

One of the most interesting and productive relationships I’m cultivating here is the one with the Harvard MetaLab, “an idea foundry, knowledge-design lab, and production studio experimenting in the networked arts and humanities”, as they define themselves.

Through my Center for Design I started collaborating with them on a project that deals with the nature of data and the processes for producing it. The aim of the project is to make the assessment of the viability and fitness of datasets for training AI algorithms easier, thus making them fairer and more inclusive. Its title —…

Mouvement des Principales Marchandises en France par Periode Quatriennale. I. II.

A column by Paolo Ciuccarelli

When asked about the most important tools for someone working on data visualization, I often give one of two answers, depending on the context: it’s either “pencil and paper” or “history”. The latter is usually received with more skepticism, being history less obvious as a tool than a pencil. But it’s indeed a very powerful one. No matter what is the questions you are dealing or the insight you are searching for with your dataset, it’s almost certain that someone in the past had a similar issue — and found a solution for it. …

The Visual Agency has produced infographics for Eni since 2012 and won the tender to supply interactive data visualizations in 2017. In 2019, The Visual Agency was hired to re-design the main interactive infographics created as part of this collaboration ahead of the launch of the new website on 6 February 2020.

New — transforming at the speed of the world

The design process

In order to standardize the different languages introduced over the years in various re-works and by different content owners, it was essential to entirely rethink the process behind the creation of interactive visualizations, from design to development…

The Visual Agency Editorial

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